A functioning global circular economy is complicated – but talking about it shouldn’t be.

Our Mission

To get as many people talking about circularity, and the circular economy as possible. To make it part of the everyday language for us all, not just something that we occasionally see in company pledges, government policy documents and high-brow newspapers. A circular economy will take all of us working together – we want to demystify terms, encourage positive action and show how we can all build One Circular World.

Our History

One Circular World is run by the claire potter design studio – a multi-faceted circular economy design and research studio founded in 2008 and based in Brighton, UK. We wear many hats! Claire is also the head of Product Design at the University of Sussex, teaching the next generation of designers about circularity and responsibility, a local volunteer Surfers Against Sewage Rep and the author of the forthcoming international book ‘The Circular Economy (for regular people)’ which will be published in September 2021.

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