We don’t make things for things’ sake. We are firm believers that you should keep and use what you own for as long as possible. But sometimes you need a new
t-shirt, sweatshirt or bag. This is not fast fashion or fast design however – this is slow, organic, recycled, circular economy, on-demand design. We’ve partnered with Teemill to create garments made from recycled organic cotton, printed to order, posted with zero plastic from a factory powered by renewable energy. And when a garment reaches end of life, you can post it back to the factory for reprocessing and get up to £5 credit back.

This is circular fashion and circular economy design – but if you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

Win Against Ocean Plastic Circular Economy Sweatshirt £39 50% of profits from the sale of this sweatshirt will go to Surfers Against Sewage
‘Choose Circular’ slogan circular economy t-shirt £20
In the Loop circular economy t-shirt £20
One Circular World logo circular economy sweatshirt £39
Organic cotton marine plastic print face mask £10
Circular Economy recycled yarn beanie £20
Organic Cotton One Circular World long handled tote bag £12
In the Loop women’s fit circular economy t-shirt £20
In the Loop circular economy sweatshirt £39
Plain grey circular economy t-shirt £20
Trio of circular economy t-shirts £60

Want to know more about our circular garments?

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