Is compostable packaging a good idea?

Compostable packaging looks like the holy grail when it comes to eliminating plastic from our lives, whilst still keeping hold of a guilt-free single-use option. But is it really a good idea? Are compostables really all they are cracked up to be?

Upcycled perfume – smelling good just got sweeter

More and more items are being created from ‘waste’ streams – and whilst the fashion and beauty industry sure have a lot to clean up, the increase in up cycled frangrances is surely a step in the right direction…

29th July. Earth Overshoot Day 2021

Each year, a date is calculated and published to show when we have used more resources than the earth can naturally regenerate in a year. This year, that date was 29th July 2021. So what can we do about it? And how does our behaviour really effect how many resources we use?

Ten items to remove from your life for Plastic Free July

We are nearly at the start of Plastic Free July – but if you are looking to reduce your plastic footprint, where do you start? Here is our top ten items that are quick, easy, simple and often cheap (or free) to replace.

Beauty standards for food? We have a problem with wonkiness…

Standards. Without realising it, we all live our lives according to standards. Some are legislative – there to protect us from harm, such as safety standards. Some are personal – the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. But some are imposed upon us without us even realising, creating a ‘normal’ standard when we…

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