Nobody is perfect, and Ocean Bottle wants to hear your ‘econfessions’

For anyone trying to live as sustainably as possible, the pressure to be perfect in everything you do, and live the life that is Instagram ready is huge. And whilst we hear that creating a better world needs millions of us doing something imperfectly rather than a few thousand of us doing something perfectly, the guilt that arises from forgetting your reusable cup but still wanting a takeaway coffee, or getting another bag for life at the checkout, or even wanting to be veggie but not being able to resist a burger after a night out, is the reality of where we all are. Many people hide this ‘eco-guilt’ through fear of being judged, but reusable bottle brand, Ocean Bottle has decided to take another view. They want to hear your ‘Econfessions’.

As Ocean Bottle have rightly pointed out – the first obstacle to changing any behaviour is to be open about it, and also realise that perfection, 100% of the time is rather unrealistic.

But whilst this is a great way to get those sneaky little eco elephants in the room out into the open for us all, (and realise we are not alone), Ocean Bottle is using the econfessions that people submit via Instagram or TikTok to create positive change. For each econfession, Ocean Bottle will fund the collection and removal of 10 plastic bottles from the environment via their partners, Plastic Bank, who operate in the most infrastructure challenged areas of the world.

So what kind of #econfessions are people submitting? Well, here is a small snapshot – and we are sure that many of them sound familiar to you too…

Eco perfection is almost impossible – and striving to do the best you can but having occasional slip-ups will not create the end of the world. So – what #econfession would you add? Use the hashtag and tag in Ocean Bottle to your posts on Instagram and TikTok and join the conversation.

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