We’re getting a new UN Plastic Pollution Resolution – what does that mean?

We’ve had a lot of plastic reduction policies over the last decade. So what makes the new Plastic Pollution Resolution different, and so important?

29th July. Earth Overshoot Day 2021

Each year, a date is calculated and published to show when we have used more resources than the earth can naturally regenerate in a year.

This year, that date was 29th July 2021. So what can we do about it? And how does our behaviour really effect how many resources we use?

‘Welcome to the circular economy – the next step in sustainable living’… you can pre-order the book now!

It is finally here! You can now pre-order Claire’s first book ahead of it’s release date of 9th September 2021.

‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is being revisited in some US states – and that’s a very good thing indeed…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the three most recited words when it comes to sustainability. But how often do brands prioritise the first two? In three states in the US, that’s being challenged…